Friday, November 16, 2012

When You Think Long...You Think Wrong

Such A Great Quote From Ice T...

This is true for me as I think the longer I think about some things, I may miss an opportunity or come up with a million negatives...
Striped Sweater F21, $20
Old Navy Rockstar Jeggings, $39
Steve Madden Cognac Pembrook Booties, $30
Thrifted Banana Republic Bucket Bag, $20

Hat Co. Fedora, $20
F21 Leggings, $5
Thrifted Frye Boots, $180
Merona Bucket Bag, $34

Old Navy V Neck Tee, $5
Old Navy Scallop Shorts, $20
Target Leoprad Bag, $34

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  1. cool outfits!


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