Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Forever 21 Blazers

Career Day Jacket 27.80

Forever 21 has a couple of Classic Blazers on sale!!!!  You can tell by looking at some of my outfit posts that I am a fan of Forever 21

I definitely get certain wardrobe items from this spot, and it is a plus that they have now expanded to larger sizes with Forever 21 Plus.
They have a couple of blazers that caught my eye in stock right now.  So, if you are looking for budget friendly blazers check out F21. 

I have a couple of blazers from Forever 21 that are my go to blazers,  I always try to live fly on a dime!!

Both of these blazers retail for 29.80 and  for a look at more blazers at a bargain price:

At The Cross With Flea Market Girl

So in the last four days I have become obsessed with these Oversized Cross Earrings. On Sunday I was watching Not-So-Reality TV one of my favorite things to do and Tamera Mowry had on a pair.  I instantly fell in love with them and decided to do a search, and I found them at: Flea Market Girl.  

I pride myself on seeing something I like these days and then quickly getting over it  
(it took me some time to get to this point but I'm there) but last night while watching LaLa's Court Life (another Not-So-Reality TV Show) the earrings popped up yet again because her friend Po was wearing them. They are really cute and I DO want them!! 

They retail for 17.00 and if this size it too much for you the Small Cross Earrings retail for 14.00!   
The Flea Market Girl Blog  is also pretty cool, and there are many great and unique accessory finds for a great price! 

Check it out..and if you live in Los Angeles the store's location is at:
Third Street Promenade, 1247 3rd Street Santa Monica, CA.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Half Tucked Out

I don't know exactly when I became obsessed with the half tuck shirt, but the idea is genius.  I  layered this crop tank with another tank under, can't be showing my goods at work!! These old navy high waist jeans are a pair of my favorites, I have had them for about 3 years and only paid 10.00 for them. 
I piled on my accessories because ain't no party like an arm party!!
P.S. I learned today that awkward arm poses and fake smiles do not mix and that the older I get the more I look like my mama....

         What I'm Wearing:
        F21 Cream Crop Top  
      F21 Red Tank Top
       Old Navy High Waist Flares
       Aldo Brown Snake Skin Pumps
       Ebay Over-sized Cream Clutch
       F21 Accessories
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                                                                         Cream Crop Top
                                                                              Red Tank           
                                                                       High Waist  Flares
          Brown Snakeskin Pumps
                                                                   Over-sized Cream Clutch

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Top Dog

I generally don't care for low-rise jeans because I have too much junk in the trunk, but these Old Navy jeans aren't too shabby.

  I was super excited that I did decide to wear them because I found 5.00 in my back pocket so I'm going hit one of my favorite spots Top Dog Hot Dogs!!

The little things in life bring me so much joy!
 What I'm Wearing:
F21 Where's the Animal Print Minnie Muse Over-sized Tee
Old Navy Skinny Jeans
Vintage Coach Over-sized Bucket Bag 
Jeffrey Campbell Sawyer Pumps
F21 Accessories

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Maya's Acessories Rule: I Never Spend More Than 20.00 On An Acessory

Belle Noel Nugget Earrings 38.00

Which is why it pains me that Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian has a couple of pieces that I love!!! But I must admit I am happy to see that the Honey Hexagon Ring and Nugget Cocktail Ring that I have been eyeing are now on sale for around 13.00!!! 

This collection has a couple of classy statement pieces
(some are too flashy for me) but you should definitely check it out!!


Belle Noel Nugget Ring 13.00

The Belle Noel Collection caught my eye when it first came out and it seems as though some of the items are slowly beginning to go on sale. This collection is much better than the overpriced cheap looking Kardashian Kollection at Sears.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not Feelin' My Face Today...But I Like My Outfit...

Today was the first day this week that I got dressed, not that I was naked the other days this week..but my outfits weren't anything special to blog about. My outfit today actually required that I iron.  My face on the other hand...well I am just trying to figure out how I made it through Junior High and High School pimple free but nowwww they wanna show up.  I swear I could play connect the dots this morning from the two on one side of my face to the other side...argggghhhhh!! But I like my outfit today and I love this scarf it is one of my faves!!! 

 What I'm Wearing:
F21 Over-sized Boyfriend Blazer
H&M Black Shift Top
H&M Black Satin Skinny Pants
Random Berkeley Boutique Safari Scarf 
Dolce Vita For Target Black Rope Wedges

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday Funday: Adele Concert Berkeley Greek

 Sunday I went to Adele's concert at the Berkeley Greek.  She is amazing and sounds beautiful live, she has a wonderful personality.  My outfit was pretty chill, I knew I would be standing and the concert was outside so heels/wedges were not the shoes to wear.  It was pretty funny watching the chicks walking in 5 inch heels trying to carry beer, HA!

What I'm Wearing:
Urban Crop Lace Shirt
H&M Leggings
Dolce Vita for Target Studded Oxford
Black Oversize Clutch EBAY

Please excuse my dirty balcony...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Arlenis Sosa is FLYYY!!

When I first saw Arlenis Sosa I thought OH-EM-GEE her lips are amazing!! I began to look at some of her  pictorials in magazines and watched her on the runway and immediately became a fan.  She is FLYYY!

Even on a casual day with minimal makeup still fierce..those thick full eyebrows loveeee...


Monday, August 8, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell Bow Booties and Elegant Stud Flats....I Diggg!!

I have a couple of rules when it comes to shopping, for one I  will not pay over 20.00 for a shirt/blouse or accessories...it's a must to find discounted nice things.  When it comes to shoes, pants, coats.. that rule doesn't usally apply but I am still looking for a way to save a buck.  I still work to find the best deal on a 150.00 pair of shoes even if that means saving 40.00 or 50.00. 

Which brings me to Jeffrey Campbell shoes, I love his shoes, his creativity, the price, and they are comfortable.  There are JC shoes that will fit every personality.
A pair of  booties that caught my eye were the"Bow Wedge Booties".  They come in a variety of colors and both leather or sude. My preference is the Black Bow Wedge Bootie!! 

They retail for about at 165.00 but at Karmaloop you can get them for 105.00. 
Photo Credit: Karmaloop
Photo Credit: Karmaloop

Photo Credit: Karmaloop
Photo Credit: DNA Footwear
Another favorite of mine are Jeffrey Campbell's Elegant Stud Flats and they retail for 159.99 at DNA Footwear

When I first saw the Jeffrey Campbell Elegant Stud Flats I thought about those 1,295.00 red bottom Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Spikes, for men. 

Christian Louboutin Rolloerboy Spikes

Friday, August 5, 2011

One Hot Cookie!!

Well not so much, I didn't get a chance to swing by Hot Cookie but you should if you are ever in The Castro in San Francisco. Last Sunday the hubby and I decided to head to San Francisco.  I popped into a store to browse and ended up with a cute dress, very pleased.  San Francisco is a great place to shop there are cool stores downtown and in The Haight.  The Haight also has one of my favorite Crossroads.  We found a cool bar in downtown San Francisco and had a couple of drinks and listened to great music.  My outfit was pretty chill and comfortable! My fav jean shirt gets much play, also seen here.

What I'm Wearing:
Berkeley Hat Shop Hat
Vintage Coach Bag
Urban Outfitters Suede Booties
Urban Outfitters Jean Shirt
H&M Tights
  Accessories H&M

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Slug Lifeeee!!

The hubby and I met in 2000 at the University of California Santa Cruz where our school mascot is a banana slug.  We usually try to do a trip every summer to Santa Cruz and since Carmel isn't too far from Santa Cruz we went back to our old stomping grounds. I loveee Santa Cruz, it is so much more developed than when we went there.  We even found a new spot to eat at Betty's Eat In.  Adult shakes, good burgers and crunchy fries yummmm :-).  There are so many cool little shops in downtown Santa Cruz, and UCSC's campus is beautiful.  Slugggg tilll I dieee  ;-)

What I'm Wearing:
Wet Seal Crop Top
H&M Black Maxi Skirt
Dolce Vita For Target Wedges
Target Merona Natural Straw Bag

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Your birthday Is A Special Time to Celebrate the Gift of "YOU" to the World!!

July 29th, 1982 I graced this world with my presence.  I am thankful for another year and look forward to many more.  My wedding anniversary (July 25th, 2009) and my birthday are pretty close together, more gifts for me..such a smart girl :-).  The hubby and I decided to take a birthday/anniversary trip to Carmel, CA.  I couldn't decide what to wear and Carmel, CA. usually isn't too hot during this time.  I wanted to feel beachy..so a leopard maxi dress, over-sized straw floppy hat, and straw beach bag was the choice..with piled on accessories!!

What I'm Wearing:
Walmart Black Straw Floppy Hat
H&M Divided Leopard Maxi Dress
Target Merona Natural Straw Bag
Dolce Vita For Target Cognac Rope Wedges
F21 Bracelets & Ring 

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Comedy is the Hubby's Shirt hahaha!!!!