Friday, March 22, 2013


I use to sit and think "If I was a stylist" and now I sit and think "I wish I had a stylist".. I broke down and bought a couple of maternity dresses from Target and Old Navy..
Yes, I'm frugal when it comes to certain items..It's still fly on a dime!!
My husband bought this dress, and I actually like it I have room to grow..but I find myself thinking more about the next day's outfit because things are not fitting or ill fitting..
Oh well I made it to 6 months without having to buy new pieces..
I'm def not one of those pregnant women who can wear their jeans the entire pregnancy...I need shade just real! At the end of the day you just gotta do you..


Warriors come out an play!!! Nope Clipper's fan 4 eva, that's why I had on my teams colors at a game we went to last week..and yes I liked the Clippers even when they sucked, we always went Clippers games growing up!! Can't stand the Lakers and yes I am from L.A.

 My husband has been on a Kanye tip lately, and I have been following his boo's maternity style which isn't great..If she works with her stylist M. Rose I dig some of her pieces, if she lets her boo have say in her attire it sucks..
But her boo inspired this outfit with his all black everythanng motto..and my husband was bumpin' Yeezy all weekend so I couldn't help but say #yeezytaughtme..


Wanted to feel girly, it's a challenge to dress my pregnant body because my upper body has always been smaller than the bottom half, I'm rather curvy naturally..and let's just say the bottom half is spreading by the week...but I'm committed to staying fly on a dime even through pregnancy..
so I am up for the challenge..I think..;)

I couldn't beleive this was a dress at H&M, I wouldn't even wear it as a dress if I wasn't pregnant..yes I am a lil' old school..and yes I do have leggings in every color..
I think this will be my look leggings, tunics and maxi dresses..
comfort is key for me even when I wasn't pregnant..

I had a little morning sickness during the first trimester, and horrible migraines but I am already a migraine sufferer..luckily they have eased up with second trimester has been great despite the fact that I don't really sleep all that well it's hard for me to get comfortable, on top of my hips hurting..still gotta stay fly even on 4 hours of sleep that's my motto..


At this point I think I had the pregnancy swag down!!! Wearing a few of my favorite things, Leggings, Old Navy Shacket, Comfy Boots..

Double Denim, one of my favorite outfits. 
One of my favorite denim shirts from UO for 10 bucks!!

A Tribal Thang..leggings are my friend..

Halfway = 20

Halfway mark, feeling good in my Target Merona Dress..

Got my big girl shorts on, at this point a lot of my bottoms were fitting rather tight..

At Kaiser in the bathroom at a mid-pregnancy class...#selfie

18 & 19

In the parking lot of Kaiser, we had the anatomy scan and baby wasn't 100 percent cooperating in terms of showing the goods..

 Bathroom #Selfie, Arm Candy Ebay, and my favorite hat!

I knew when I bought this tunic from F21 it would come in handy..

15 &16

Headed to a Doc appointment, nothing to see!!

Went to a Solange Concert and had an amazing time!! She is totally opposite of her sister which is amazing, love her sis too!!

Shopping trip attire!! Love this shirt and leggings all F21..

Happy Love Day! Bleached and cut these old Gap Jeans from college, shirt is F21..

Friday, January 11, 2013

Let's Ketchup Pt. 1

A lot happened in 2012, from cute outfits to finding out I'm PREGNANT!!!! 
#Thankful and #Blessed

The Pellum's are having a baby and we are beyond excited...

Happy New Year!!!

12.31.12 there goes that jacket again..This statement necklace is one of my fave's I got it while we were in New York from one of the best accessory stores I have ever seen...

Cat & Mouse..

Let's Ketchup Pt.2

1.11.13 14 weeks to be exact and the Friday where I actually feel somewhat normal again...I'm totally juiced about this jacket, I got it on sale at UO for 30.00..I def would not have paid 100 bucks for it!!
Still loving my Nike Dunk Wedges...

1.5.13 I am in love with my oversized Timex I searched high and low for it and finally found it at Nordstrom, I love the yellow hand..I tapped into F21 for the Hello Kitty Collection and got a couple of pieces...these yellow pants felt way too tight I don't know how Kim K. does it...

Let's Ketchup Pt.3

Vintage Coach Bucket Bag always makes me smile :)

11.12.12. Cross My Heart..I had a wonderful dinner with the husband...
6 weeks = flat tummy, we will def have the snap back going strong when all is said and done!!

This jacket was on sale at F21 online for 8.00 SCORE!!!

Stripe it out...I kind of miss the super long braids..


Freepeople skirt at Crossraods for 20 bucks brand new #flyonadime..

The favorite scalloped shorts made an appearance in L.A. in October for my nephew's 
1st Birthday..

Ketchup sure taste good right about now....