Friday, March 22, 2013


Wanted to feel girly, it's a challenge to dress my pregnant body because my upper body has always been smaller than the bottom half, I'm rather curvy naturally..and let's just say the bottom half is spreading by the week...but I'm committed to staying fly on a dime even through pregnancy..
so I am up for the challenge..I think..;)

I couldn't beleive this was a dress at H&M, I wouldn't even wear it as a dress if I wasn't pregnant..yes I am a lil' old school..and yes I do have leggings in every color..
I think this will be my look leggings, tunics and maxi dresses..
comfort is key for me even when I wasn't pregnant..

I had a little morning sickness during the first trimester, and horrible migraines but I am already a migraine sufferer..luckily they have eased up with second trimester has been great despite the fact that I don't really sleep all that well it's hard for me to get comfortable, on top of my hips hurting..still gotta stay fly even on 4 hours of sleep that's my motto..

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