Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Boy George Concert Anyone!?!?

 The husband said I looked like I was going to a Boy George Concert today! Ha, whateve's I looked fly for getting ready in less than hour(which is rare for me). 
Quick fit!! When in a hurry I usually build my outfit around leggings..
What I'm Wearing:
Berkeley Co. Hat
UrbanOutffitters Kimono Cardigan
F21 Mineral Wash Tights
Seychelles Granny Booties

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  1. LOL...tell the hubby to get with it. You're a certified fashionista, lol. I actually do the same thing. I don't normally take over 30 minutes (after the shower of course) but I will quickly grab either leggings or a dress in a pinch. As a matter of fact, I have those same leggings :-)

  2. Word girl!! Love leggings :-)

  3. Wow, I don't think I can ever take that long to get ready. I admire that patience! And I love your outfit- especially that hat!

  4. Love your outfit! I wish I had that long to get ready! I normally have about 15 mins since i love sleeping lol.