Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is It The Weekend Yet!??!

This was yesterday's outfit, and don't mind the hand on the belly news here!!

I woke up ready for the weekend because my hubby's birthday is Saturday!!! I'm so excited!

My husband is the smartest man I know, he is super funny and he has the cutest dimples and eyelashes to die forrrr!!!

He inspires me to be better..he challenges me and pushes me..he believes in me when I don't believe in myself!

He gives the best advice, and he is patient with me!!

( I knowww I look perfect but I have my moments)..I could go on and on..but I'm glad he is all MINEE!!
                                       What I'm Wearing:
                                       F21 Beanie
                                       Old Navy T-Shirt 
                                       H&M Wrap Scarf
                                        H&M High Waist Pants
                                         Dolce Vita For Target Oxfords
                                          Kenneth Cole Watch
                                       Over-sized Bag

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