Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Have Skills..No Need To Review The Pictures I Take

That is what the husband said to me this morning while taking the pictures..too funny!! 

I did add tights to this outfit for work purposes, and although I am pretty conservative when it comes to my clothes especially my skirts. But I don't think this skirt is that short so I wouldn't reach for tights when wearing this skirt.  

I bought the skirt last year for a trip. It's from F21 and this is my first time wearing it.  I am committed to wearing things that I don't normally wear in my closet yayyyy meee!!!

    What I'm Wearing:                                                                                           Shop This Look:
Royal Blue F21 Blazer                                                                                            Royal Blazer 
White Hanes V-Neck Shirt                                                                                 White V-Neck Shirt 
F21 Striped Skirt                                                                                                    Striped Skirt
F21 Mirror Aviators                                                                                               Mirror Aviators      
Target Mossimo Clogs                                                                                     Black Peep Toe Clogs
H&M Hobo Bag                                                                                                    Black Hobo Bag
F21 Bracelets and Ring


  1. Great striped skirt! I love the blue blazer! Lovely ensemble!

  2. love your outfit!!! I have a blazer exactly like that one :)\