Friday, September 16, 2011

Taking A Chill Pill In My Grandma's Dress

Lately I have been having so much anxiety (but all with good reason) or so I think!!! I'm such a planner..I plan everything..I planned our wedding..I'm always planning my next career move, I plan all of our trips down to where to eat etc. etc., I plan dinner for the week..I could go on and on. The hubby is the total opposite!! But I think once I turned 29 anxiety hit...what is our next step? what if our next step doesn't go as planned? so on and so on..being far from my family at this point has also caused some of my anxiety.  My hub's and my mama are some of the best pep talkers I know and the reality is that everything can't be planned and things don't always go as planned and that's life!! 
So on that note, I'm taking a chill pill!!!

My grandma passed away my first month of college in 2000..she was an awesome woman and how I miss her so. She is one of the main reasons I am the woman I am today.  She was so smart, and her style was impeccable so fierce..she was a seamstress and how I wish I would have learned to sew.  I am thankful that I have a couple of her pieces that she made and wore.  This dress was one of her dresses she would wear on the weekends to go help out at the church and run errands and I feel like such a lady!!!  
I doubt I will ever dry-clean this dress!!!!

What I'm Wearing:
Grandma's Dress
Banana Republic Carry All
Feelin' somewhat Mad Men  in this dress!!!


  1. Ok But I will say that I love the color of your hair.

  2. Your grandmas dress is lovely, and really looks fab on you!I like the mad men style :)
    My niece often says "aunty Rachel, take a chill pill" she's 5 years old and obviously very wise lol!

  3. you look amazingly chic! :) I LOVE IT